Tuesday, April 1, 2008

You asked! We answer!

I've had some inquiries regarding the artwork for sale recently by our resident artists, Miss E and Miss A. If you missed that post, check here to catch up!

Since I didn't think about posting the images of their artwork then, here they are for all of those folks who wrote to ask me what their artwork looked like!

Here is Miss E's landscape entitled "The Countryside"

and Miss A's "Snowtime to Play"

Both were titled by the artists :)

And, drumroll please................Both pictures sold on ebay for $1.00 :) What do you know!

We sure hope their new owner is enjoying them!

I even started them their own blog titled by Miss E - Confetti Catastrophe
for future offerings (so please sign up for updates and link to their site on your own blog!) - you never know, they may earn enough to pay for a nursing home for CKB and I down the road ;)


Matthew said...

fantastic! How do I sign up for updates on the girls blog? I didnt see the same blogarithim as is on your blog. Please let me know.

CAB said...

Try now - adding it in just a moment! Or you can visit http://www.blogarithm.com and just add it to your sites to watch!