Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Own Skirt - Slow Start

I decided to finally give skirt-making for myself a try and with much excitement visited Jo-Ann Fabrics last week - Butterick patterns were on sale so I found some patterns that looked promising online, wrote down all the numbers and headed off to the store. Well, one thing I neglected to do was all the fun measurements (waist, hip, etc.) first. So, you guessed it, I bought the wrong sizes on some of them - oops. Silly me thinking the sizes would even be close to what I buy "ready made" in the stores!

I guess if I made a skirt in the same size as what I bought at the stores I'd never hope to fit into it! Maybe it'd fit Miss E.

Anyway, so after I realized my error, I called the store and asked if I could exchange the ones I bought that don't include my gargantuan new "sew for myself size" and they said it was no problem.

My friend over at The Zoo blogged about this very thing recently and boy, it sure sounds like she was right on the money! I can't speak for buying the same sizes as what I wore in high school, I've definitely not been doing that, but I think we are definitely shopping with rose colored glasses on sometimes :)

So, I have a trip back to JoAnn planned for this afternoon to swap sizes. Then, maybe, just maybe, I can start on the skirt. Don't get me started on the fact that I didn't buy enough material for said skirt because I was looking at the "smaller sizes" on the envelope...ahem. Guess I'll need to look for material too....not such a bad thing...except for the wasting money part of things. Ack! Maybe I'll use the material I bought previously to make matching skirts for the girls...maybe.

So, that is the saga of my skirt - one day I hope to update with good news that the skirt is done and was a successful day.

My learning on this project so far - MEASURE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU BUY YOURSELF A PATTERN!!!!

Ah well.....

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