Sunday, March 30, 2008

Almost in time for Easter

Well, as you have seen, I made a dress for Miss E. It turned out pretty well so I commenced sewing a matching dress for Miss A. I thought I'd get it done before Easter and the girls could wear them last Sunday, but since that didn't happen, I *did* manage to finish the second dress in time for this Sunday, ie, today and the girls wore them this morning and looked so sweet. It's probably been since Mr. E was born that I've sewn any dresses for the girls so this felt like a major accomplishment.

Here are a few pics from this afternoon before they changed into their "day clothes" as Mr. E calls them :)


and lest you forget the boys - they don't have "new duds" from Mama's sewing machine, but how 'bout this ensemble? Black cowboy hat, cool sunglasses and a pop gun!? (and no, those weren't part of his outfit when we left the house!)

and Mr. E during "quiet time" one day this week - "Is quiet time over, Mama?"

until next time...........


Anonymous said...

Like the dresses very much. They look very profesional. I think they like them very much. Love MOM

Lok said...

Gorgeous and beautiful dresses!!! Well done - and the all-important twirl factor is excellent! :-)

Lepidoptera said...

Great job on the dresses. A major accomplishment. As for the boys, I like the popgun best. We need one of those at our house. ;-)

CAB said...

We got the pop gun in Gatlinburg in the Arts and Crafts community - so go up there and get you one ;)