Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snow Day Part 2 and Homeschool Day at the Fort Worth Zoo

Snow Day 2 started off as Homeschool Day at the Fort Worth Zoo. We had pre-purchased our tickets with a small amount of trepidation as the form did state "No Refunds, No Exchanges, No Rainchecks". Hmm. So, we were prepared to go come rain, sleet, snow or hail. Little did we know that that was exactly what we were going to experience! All of it!

We headed out early hoping to get there around opening time and it sprinkled a little off and on as we traveled along...a little rain never hurt anyone, right? About halfway there it hit me that we forgot the stroller - ugh. Oh well, they rent them, don't they? And we did have the little umbrella stroller in the back - not much protection in it, but at least it was a stroller. We continued on....and on...and on...it sure is aways to get there from our place. We finally arrive and it's sprinkling still - figures - everyone piles out of the van, mittens on, coats on, hats on, check check and check - off we go! We pick up our tickets and proceed directly to the first indoor exhibit - primates - after watching the monkeys jump around for a little bit, we head for the exit to see what else we can see. Halfway down the ramp we have to turn back as the zoo guy tells us he's closed off the ramp because it's getting too slippery - yes, you guessed it, the rain has turned into sleet! Fun! We go back through monkeydom and exit out the entrance. After walking awhile and not seeing ANY animals out ANYWHERE and no indoor exhibits or ways to see the animals from the indoor cages where they were obviously keeping dry and warm, unlike us, we stopped and got some lunch at Grandy's. There were a few other folks in there. We enjoyed a chicken lunch...not much else at Grandy's apparently...and watched as the sleet turned into a beautiful snowfall. Sooo pretty to watch and enjoy while we ate lunch. As we were preparing to leave, they had decided to shut down Grandy's and were starting to clean up. Hmmm. The zoo folk were walking by and scattering salt on the wooden walkways and ramps leading to the Grandy's. Hmm. We got bundled up again and headed out, hopeful we might see something for our efforts and $$ and were rewarded finally with a pair of Nubian Ibex perched up on a rock. No other animals were to be seen, however we did hear the lion roaring...but there was no way to see him.

We decided at this point to try to visit Texas Town since part of our whole reason for wanting a visit to the zoo had been a train ride for Mr. E's birthday, but the train was shut down, as was the carousel and everything else down that way. It was definitely time to go. As we trudged along toward the zoo entrance we were passed up by the Education Director who asked us a few questions and informed us that they would be sending out return tickets - wow - what great news considering the fact that we hadn't seen any animals, gotten to ride the train or enjoy the TX Town area as we usually did, but instead had spent entirely too much time walking around in the sleet, rain and snow. This was last Thursday. So far, no tickets. We'll see. According to Mr. Education Director guy, we didn't need to do anything to get the tickets sent to us. Time will tell, I suppose.

It probably took about 4-5 hours to get home - the farther we went, the more traffic and snow there was on the roads and still falling all around us. I imagine a lot of schools and businesses sent people home early that day. The day was a big waste of time in many respects, but on a positive note, we are *supposed* to get return tickets (too bad they can't fly us back so we don't have to drive all that way again :) ), and the Lord blessed us to be safe and not get in a wreck on the way there or back.

When we got home, we spent a little time in the front yard and built snowman #2, complete with Christmas tree limbs for arms - yes, that's right, from our Christmas tree - gotta get your tinder for fires somewhere! And real bona fide "...eyes made out of coal...."

Ok, here's snowman #2!
The snow was wetter this time and so the snowman had more shape this time and wasn't just a mound of snow on the ground ;)

This gives you an idea of the size of snowman #2 - taller than Mr. Baby this time!

And lest we ever forget this day, I now have a hat - I was the only one w/o a hood on my coat and/or a hat and since the rain had picked up and we didn't have an umbrella, we purchased a lovely Ft. Worth Zoo hat for me to wear - it would've been a miserable day without it considering the constancy of the rain/sleet and snow! Here's Miss E modeling the pink flamingo hat!

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