Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Busy Days and a Quiz for You With a Prize for the Winner!

Today Miss A approached me in the kitchen with the following question:

"Mama, do you want to take a quiz?!"

I glanced down at her and thought, hmm, wonder what this is all about...and replied "Sure!"

She handed me a small scrap of paper (she reallllly likes to cut paper w/her scissors!)

Here 'tis:

She then asked me what it was and I gave her my answer.

She handed me a second little scrap and asked me what I thought it was:

I answered.

Then, the last scrap was handed over and again I was asked to tell her what I thought it was:

I answered.

I got 2 out of 3.

Your challenge, should you choose to come out of lurkdom and accept it - give your answers in the comments and one week from today, I'll let you know what the three pictures are!

Ready....go! Miss A and I are waiting!!! And, drumroll please, there's even a prize, should you choose to accept it....a couple of skeins of super soft fuzzy yarn that is mainly white w/pink, blue, other baby type colored specks in it that is WAY too fuzzy for me to crochet with and maintain my sanity at the same time. The skeins are virtually brand new - I tried to crochet a swatch with it, but a few stitches into it I decided it was NOT the yarn for least for me! So, if you choose to participate and enter your guesses, you'll be entered into a drawing for the yarn! You don't even have to get them all right! Fun! If you don't need yarn, etc. then you can choose to accept another prize - the prize of knowing you made the day of little Miss A who thinks it is very neat that Mama is blogging about her quiz! Have fun and tell your friends - the more the merrier!


Jennifer Larson said...

Seeing as how I can see them all in order and assume that they are related in some way, I'll say a cocoon, a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon, and finally the butterfly fully emerged. But that's just my logic speaking. My 3 year old might say it was Lowly Worm, Lowly's apple and Lowly's Mom.


Rebecca C. said...


Picture #1: half of a face?

Picture #2 apple or pear (can I say two?--- if I had to choose one I would say a pear)

Picture #3: is a beautiful butterfly!

This was fun! Tell miss E ( and of course- all the other kiddo's)that we love her, and happy drawing. ;)

CAB said...

Ok, we're off and rolling - Miss A is looking over your answers and will reveal the correct answers one week from the original post date! Stay tuned! Be sure to sign up for updates so you'll know when we update w/the answers and you'll know if you're the winner of the prize!

Matthew said...

I am guessing:

1) finger
2) pear
3) butterfly

what do I win Pat? (Wheel of Fortune reference)

lahbluebonnet said...

Well, picture #1 is of a caterpillar looking for food. Picture #2 is the pear, that came from the tree where the caterpillar lives. Picture #3 is the beautiful butterfly...that used to be the caterpillar in picture #1. ;)