Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Snow Day

Well, it finally March... It snowed! Yay! The girls have been praying for snow for awhile now and were thankful to finally see some night before last! The snow continued through the evening accumulating to about 3 inches or so at our house - hooray! As a home educator, it's hard to justify a total "snow day", but we did start our school day a little later so the children could get out and play in the snow before it all melted away. (Without proper snow gear, you don't last too long out there - about the time the snow melted through my tennis shoes, I was ready to call it a day!) We had a nice hot breakfast afterward and then commenced our regular routine with periodic snowman breaks to see if our little snowman was still in the back yard. A small pile of snow remained today - amazingly there was still some snow on the ground 24 hours after the initial snowfall - now that's something in our neck of the woods!

I know some folks in other parts of the country are probably a bit tired of snow and ready for Spring, like the folks over at Peakmore Academy, but for us, this was a big treat and now, I agree and am ready for Spring whenever it decides to arrive! (of course last night the weather report said snow again this Friday - we'll see - THAT would REALLY be something to have snow 2 times in one week!). I have to confess, I've never lived anywhere that snow fell and then stayed around for a long time, weeks, etc. and I would like to experience it at least once :) But, as long as we live in Texas, I don't see that happening!

Here are a few pics from early on - later I'll add some more from the day after when the children got to get out and play (the camera is in DH's work zone right now so I can't get the rest of the pics just yet!).

Here we have Mr. Baby and CKB - Mr. Baby is telling CKB all about the weird white stuff he sees falling on Daddy.

And here we have Mr. Baby and CKB showing me how the weird white stuff just sits on top of one's hair - Mr. Baby got a big boy haircut awhile back and his hair refuses to lie down on top producing a mischievous spikey appearance at the crown of his hair - perfect for fluffy snow to sit on don't you think?

Here you see the snow starting to accumulate a little on a piece of plywood that was lying by the fence...from a project last summer...we really should put that away....anyway, they all look to be having a lot of fun! Of COURSE this would be the day that all of Miss E's jeans were in the wash....ahem....oh well, it didn't deter her one bit!

The backyard decor shows some accumulation now as well...a good gauge throughout of how much was falling.... (Mom, THAT'S the jungle gym we got awhile back that I keep forgetting to send you pictures of :) )

Later in the evening as the snow is still falling, you can see we have quite a bit piling up!

Ah yes, the picture is blurry - just a little sidenote, FALLING SNOWFLAKES and AUTOFOCUS do NOT mix! :) Learned that it's best to change over to Manual Focus :)

Hmm, that is why this one is blurry too - sigh - but it's just a pic of the birdfeeder, so I'm not too concerned :)

And our sad little tree looks better w/snow on it than it does with leaves!

More to come when I get the other pics transferred onto the pc....stay tuned!

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Amanda Deardorff said...

how exciting! It's been warm here. Everyone at school has had t-shirts and shorts. Texas is so strange! Glad to hear everyone had fun!