Monday, March 10, 2008

Part 2 of Snow Day 1

Snow Day 1? Yes, Snow day 1 because there was a SECOND DAY WITH SNOW IN THE SAME WEEK! Hard to believe!

Well, it happened, but that'll be a separate post.

For now, here are more pics from the snow from EARLY last week!

Here's the snowman:

and the front of the house.....

and the van...later we found out the starburst on the windshield became a lovely crack - sigh -

You can see how deep the snow is as Miss E gathers some up....I promise, she DOES have feet!

Look at that accumulation on the jungle gym dome thingie!

somehow I didn't find my hairbrush before we headed at that cute Mr. Baby!

Hmmm, what's he going to do with that snow.....and where are HIS feet?!?

Uh oh....Mr. E is winding up.......

Looks like Miss A got it right in the face - yikes!

Well, that ends part 2 of snow day 1! Stay tuned for the exciting adventure we had on Snow Day #2!

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