Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Miss E lost her first tooth!

Well, it's high time I share this exciting news with y'all!

Miss E lost her first tooth! She noticed it was loose back on our trip to the Smokies, which I will blog about one of these days..years...eventually...anyway, and this past Saturday it came out....with a little help ;)

Here she is grinning away! Her "big girl" tooth was already well on its way in behind it before the baby tooth came out, too!

Another one of those "milestones" - sigh - she's growing up TOO fast!


Matthew said...

Way to Go Miss E! Did you yank it out with a string or how was it removed? Fun Times! Your blog readers will anxiously be awaiting the recap of the Smokies!

CAB said...

No strings attached, ha ha! Just a quick yank and it was out!

Lepidoptera said...

Glad to hear that her tooth finally came out. Sarah's are now coming in.