Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moving isn't everything these days - what's been going on w/us....

Well, the move is still on - sort of....everything is out of the old house, but we're not done there yet, unfortunately.

The cleaning crew came and cleaned inside the house - in the process somehow the baby gate on the hallway ended up off the wall and in the garage leaving a chunk missing from the The gates were there when we moved in and we intended to leave them right where we found them (and used them a lot in the past 3 years). So, I have that little issue to deal w/with the cleaning folks as well as the fact that they did not clean the attached garage, which should have been included in the cleaning. I'm waiting on a call to tell me what day they plan to go back out and take care of that. Fun.

The day after the cleaning crew was there, the carpet folks came - grape slush stain - annihilated - hooray! The carpet looks fabulous - better than when we moved in which is amazing - I am sooo thankful for this - the crazy house had carpet under the dining room table - think 5 children - wet fruit loops coming in contact w/light beige carpet.....ketchup name it, it happened. Yay for the carpet people - totally worth the money.

The yard guy did his thing last week and should be back next week for an extra mowing just to make sure things look good for our final exit. The heat is starting to take its toll though - the yard was looking great about 2 weeks ago and today when I went by, I saw some burnt areas - sigh - scheduled the sprinkler to run and took off.

I will be going back tomorrow to set out the recycling bin that is full of cardboard boxes and replace a few lightbulbs that have gone out in the past few weeks during the moving process and leaving the extras there. Also, weeding the flower bed and spreading the one bag of mulch we had left over there around and that's IT - I'm soooo tired of fooling w/that house at this point. If we get any of our deposit back, great, if we don't, well, I can't say it's not from trying to do our best to leave the house in as good a shape as we were able to.

Now, on to more cheery things - the new a mess.  :) I've been spending so much time going back and forth to the old house to do things that nothing has been getting done at the new house - FRUSTRATING - but soon, soon, we'll be done w/the old house and I can get working on the new one. I did buy a shower curtain for the girls' bathroom - that's something, right?  :) And today at Walmart the girls and I decided on the rest of the color scheme for their bathroom - now, to implement it! Sometime....and the boys' bathroom...and the hall bathroom and ours....well, they'll wait for a bit I guess....

Even more fun - I found out last night that the local library was having a book sale - so I added that to our list of things to do today and we went - got library cards while we were there and perused the sale - we found some goodies and brought home a bag of books for a whopping $5 - fantastic! The girls were thrilled to find some Boxcar Children books - a few piano books, also a few Nancy Drew, and some American Girl books as well - the boys picked up some as well and I got some books for school - never can have too many books, we say!

So, that's the long and short of it for us the past few days....what's been going on w/you?

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W. Latane Barton said...

I got worn out just reading that post. Wow and with children to look after and all those other nine zillion things we gals do. But, soon, the new house will be all fixed up and you can finally rest..... maybe?????