Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well, since you're obviously on pins and needles re: my laundry room attraction...

I posted the other day re: why my laundry room has been so full lately...of company....and here's the reason why.....

In a fit of insanity....or something....we brought home these 2 little sweeties last weekend.

Since I never went to vet school, I do not pretend to be sure if they are boys or girls, but maintain that they are, indeed, boys or girls....or one of each....whatever, the vet can tell me for sure....I have my suspicions.

They are named:

Orange - Merry

Black tabby - Pippin

and no, NO ONE here likes the LOTR Trilogy. Nope, no one.

Since they entered the house, and later the confines of the laundry room to be sure they were on their P's and Q's re: litter box 101, it's been a very popular place.

Now, if only I could get the children to do a load of laundry w/every visit....but then they'd have to be tall enough to get the clothes out of the washer...and I'd have to trust them to treat stains properly...and....well...nevermind.

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M Hastings said...

Haha every attempt to get kids to help with the more frustrating chores ends up like that, doesn't it, though?

*If only I could get them to clean the bathroom*... Oh, the horror!

*If only I could get them to clean out the fridge*... Yikes!

*If only....oh, nevermind*