Friday, May 14, 2010

Where have we been?

Well, here, there, and yonder, but tonight we will head out to a local church building for the girls to have their Spring Piano Recital!

Miss E has the honor of being selected to play "The Star Spangled Banner" to open the recital.

Miss A is a few pieces down from the beginning with her "Harmonica Medley" consisting of "O When the Saints" and "America".

She is self-taught on the harmonica and her teacher graciously agreed to let Miss A play at the piano recital!

Miss E is playing 2 pieces that she composed - "Spooky Attic" and "Waltzing Fairies" - then another later on by Bach, "Minuet",  and toward the end of the program, "Minuet in G Major" by Bach also.

Miss A is also playing a piece she composed, "Quiet Moonlight" and then later in the program will play "Sonatina for a Wooly Worm" by Samuel A. Ward.

The girls will be giving short speeches preceding each of their pieces to share a bit about the composers. They have been practicing them the past few days and I think they are going to do very well.

I soooooo wish I knew what I did w/the video camera when I packed up the house last week. I should've known. Thankfully the piano teacher's husband is supposed to be videoing it - I hope it won't be long 'til we get a copy!

In other news, we're mostly moved in - we are certainly moved in as far as living in the new house, but we do still have some things at the old house, mostly stuff in the garage and back yard. We might be able to go and get the rest tomorrow, Saturday, but it will depend on if we can find anyone to help CKB lift the heavy stuff from the back. We'll see.

That's all I have time for right now - we've been busy, are busy, and no doubt will continue to BE busy! What have you been up to?

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