Friday, May 21, 2010

Mr. A is 4 years old!

Mr. A is now 4 - where does the time go to? When we moved from So. TX, he was just a tiny baby - I can't believe it's been 4 years already.

He is a BUNDLE of energy...has a great deal of lung power, ie, VOLUME and doesn't let any of his older siblings push him around. He is a MESS, but a good one. He is ALL boy and ALL sweetness. He is a delight to us all - Happy Birthday My Sweet Boy!

The cake...and no, I can't take credit for this one - the bakery at Target fixed it up for us...

 Mr. A checking things out from one angle.....

 ...and then the other.....

 Mr. A:  "Looks good, thanks Mama and Daddy!"

 Time to blow out the candles...candle....hey, we just moved, I was glad to remember to get a candle at the store! I won't even tell you how we got it lit without matches...ahem.

 Miss Baby enjoying some cake!

 Whoa, an Iron Man mask! (the children have not seen Iron Man 1 or 2, but the mask looked pretty cool at the store, and, well, here 'tis!)  Doesn't Mr. A look....less than frightening?  :)

 Mr. A - "neat, Bumblebee!"
Miss A - "ha ha ha ha"

Hmm, not to take away from Mr. A here, but what IS Miss A laughing and pointing at?


 Now THAT is a bit scarey.....I don't remember Iron Man having a beard...and...glasses...ahem.

 Aren't these expressions PRICELESS???????

 Mr. A: "Whoa!!!  An RC RC!"

(We can't wait for Toy Story 3)

 Ta-da! Birthday present time is over, TIME TO PLAY!
Now, what about that basketball....for some reason when we asked Mr. A what he'd like for his bday, he just popped off with "a basketball" - uh....o.k.
And that little red/black thing on the table....his VERY OWN wallet :) He wanted to be just like his Daddy and big brother :) Sweet!



W. Latane Barton said...

Ah.... happy birthday, Mr. A. You are getting to be a big boy now.

M Hastings said...

Looks like such a fun birthday! Happy Birthday Mr. A!

Lepidoptera said...

Happy birthday! Someone at our house wanted a wallet too (looks just like Mr. A's) a few years ago to be just like his daddy too.