Monday, February 18, 2008

Movie Monday

I doubt I'll stick to only talking about movies on Mondays, but it just seemed like an appropriate title for THIS particular Monday.

Over the weekend we saw Samantha: An American Girl Holiday and CKB, the girls and I really liked it. It wasn't really Mr. E's thing I guess - he decided to play JumpStart Advantage instead :) (yes, sis, we found it at Target the other day and bought K and 1st - might have to get 2nd and 3rd for Miss E though so she might have a challenge!)

Anyway! We all enjoyed it - I've seen it and/or heard most of it about 4 times now and it's probably time to send it back to Blockbuster! In months past, we also have seen Felicity and Molly and while I would say Molly was my least favorite of the three, and Felicity and Samantha were about equal, the girls like all 3 "the same" :)

I would highly recommend checking them out!

In other movie news - we finally got the My Friends Tigger and Pooh Super Sleuth Christmas Movie (it's been on our Blockbuster Online list for ages...since before Christmas!)

I didn't care for it too much, but the children all watched it...and seemed to like it. That one didn't stay around long enough for 4 viewings. Aside from the fact that I don't care much for the new character, Darby, I mean, what was wrong with Christopher Robin anyway?? I just didn't think it was the greatest movie. You be the judge for yourself though :)

Well, that's about it for movies we've seen recently...more children's movies than anything...but I guess we have to get a few for them now and then, right? ;)

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Matthew said...

Good stuff there - we are eventually going to get all or some of the American Girl movies from Netflix - My wifey was a big fan of Felicity when she was going up....I look forward to watching them since I was not familar with them before. Thanks for the advice on the new Pooh movie too! Darby -?!?! How dare they phase out Christopher Robin - that is just WRONG!