Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ramblings on a Wednesday afternoon

Talked to my mom today and found out they had some pretty intense storms in their area of TN last night - tornado activity not too far away from them destroyed part of the mall I used to go to as a child - scary stuff! Praise God that my parents and brother and his family next door were all safe. All my years growing up in TN we would get thunderstorms w/tornado warnings, watches and so on, but never any actual tornadoes - then after I moved away there now have been 2 (at least) times that they actually touched down in/near my parents' home. I've told CKB we used to see those warnings flash across the screen at night and didn't pay them much least I don't remember thinking too much about them, but then I was a child and w/o a care in the world :)

We've been reading in Genesis again for our Tapestry readings and today we read again about Lot and Lot's wife - the children's eyes were big when we read about Lot's wife being turned to a pillar of salt. They remembered that detail very clearly from the last time we read that passage. Lot's house being compassed about by the wicked men of Sodom also made a big impression. We'll move on to talk about Isaac more later today when we pick up with a little more of our readings - reading Genesis 11-50 in a week is a lot for our "lower/upper grammar" aged bunch!

While we're doing school updates - Miss E is progressing well through her math-u-see Beta book (good thing I ordered Gamma to have on hand for when she finishes Beta!) - Miss A continues to progress through Alpha at a good pace and Mr. E is chugging through the Primer and doing fantastically - he's got the hang of skip counting and is doing great w/the addition facts he's worked through thus far. Everyone's doing well w/their handwriting and we plan to start an actual grammar curriculum very soon. We're working on some other things as well and as always they really enjoy any craft time!

Tomorrow night the girls will be helping make unleaven bread again - this is also part of our Tapestry work for this week (and it doesn't hurt that they all like to eat it!)

In movie news, we came across a movie recently and decided to give it a go - the movie is called "Caddie Woodlawn" - The exciting adventures of an 11-year-old tomboy growing up in the Wisconsin frontier of the 1860s. Based on the children's book.

The movie stars Emily Schulman who you may know from the "Christy" series or various appearances in TV as a child actor - namely a show called "Small Wonder" or some such where she played the child next door to a family w/a robot girl - I vaguely recall seeing this at least once. Anyway, Caddie Woodlawn turned out to be a nice little movie (the children liked it too) - we recommend it! Now, to get the book and see if it'd be ok for our little bookworms!

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Amanda Deardorff said...

"Caddie Woodlawn" sounds like something I would like. Mama and I used to love watching "Christy." I was sad when it ended! Our roast turned out really good by the way. I was so proud. :)