Monday, February 11, 2008

They're ALIVE!

Well, they were....are...sort of.

What, you may ask?

Why, sea monkeys, of course!

Miss E got a little sea monkey kit for Christmas from Mr. E and we followed the instructions last week and ended up with 5, maybe 6 little sea monkeys. After their first tiny feeding, a few days later we have 1 sea monkey. Hmmmm...ok. The packages inside the little tank seemed damp from the get-go so we think that is probably the problem - the poor little sea monkeys probably died an untimely death before we even brought the package home.

So...tonight we picked up another package at the store and we're giving it a second go. The lone sea monkey continues alone in tank #1 and now tank #2 is in the water purification stage. We'll see what a few days.

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