Friday, February 22, 2008

Mr. E's Birthday Fun!

Mr. E had a wonderful birthday. He started off the day opening up a card from his grandparents and a present from them as well - Rock'em Sock'em Robots! He thinks this is a pretty cool present and has been asking everyone to battle it out with him ever since!

Later in the day we celebrated with blueberry cake and blueberry ice cream, per Mr. E's request. He walked into the kitchen, saw his cake and exclaimed "Mama, you did it just how I wanted!" - Never mind that *I* didn't think it worked out as well as I'd envisioned, in Mr. E's eyes, the cake was perfection. That's all that mattered. The cake was perfect (and yummy too, I might add).

After cake and ice cream, Mr. E opened a few more goodies and was a very happy "Thomasey" boy. He's getting so big!

Oh yes, and did you know you can get just about anything from Crate & Barrel these days?

Who knew?! ;)

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