Monday, November 3, 2008

A/C update

Well, the A/C guys showed up this morning, unannounced. Nothing like hearing car doors (or in this case, van doors) slamming outside your house and realizing it just might be because someone is at YOUR house and you haven't gotten a shower or gotten dressed for the day and your hair resembles a bird's nest, but alas, the a/c is more important than my vanity, right? And, I wasn't wearing anything indecent, just felt grungy knowing I hadn't spiffed up for the day. Sigh. So, yes, moments later as I zipped over to look through the peephole, bemoaned my situation and became quickly resigned to it, I was opening the door with a bright smile and greeting the a/c guy. He explained that they hadn't been given a phone number to call ahead - thanks property manager guy - and that they were here to look at the a/c unit. Oh joy. So, he comes in and fiddles around w/the unit and then says he'll be outside. A little while later he comes back to the door and wants to come in again to look at the unit, this time his fellow technician comes with him. Oh joy. They look in the a/c closet for awhile and then proclaim they're going to have to order a part and the homeowner will have to approve it, but hopefully they'll be back out later this week. Later this week? Argh. Don't they know it got up to 90 in the house this weekend? Couldn't they SEE I'm pregnant and it's too hot in here for me and the children during the day? I know, it's not their fault, I just wish it could've been an easy "freon adding" type of quick fix. So, we wait. The house is a rental, by the way, so that is why we wait...for other folks to make the decisions about the repairs.

And naturally the temps are expected to creep up all week until about Thursday when they're supposed to start coming back down. That's probably when they'll show back up.

Happy hot Texas fall y'all :)


W. Latane Barton said...

I had to laugh at myself as I saw your title to your post. The AC guys... what the heck? It's 61 degrees outside here. The heat is on and I couldn't imagine anyone needing air conditioning. It was a senior moment... I forgot you are in Texas. duh.

Kelly @ Wisdom Begun said...

I dealt with the same thing while pregnant with my third child in the midst of summer. SO NOT FUN. hope your A/C gets fixed and soon!

Kristin said...

And I thought it was getting too hot here today when the temp was up around 68! LOL I sure can empathize with being pregnant and having the inside temp be around 90 though. With no central air that happens! Even here in the *frigid north*.

Hope they get back out there soon with your part!

(fellow TOGer)

Lok said...

blugh. I'm so sorry. blugh.