Friday, November 14, 2008

Sugar High

No, the children haven't been eating too much candy. No worries there.

My blood sugar test was this past week and I just got the call that my numbers were high. Yay. I had gestational diabetes with our 1st and 4th children, so I half expected I might this time around and it seems I might. I'm scheduled for a 3 hour glucose tolerance test on Thursday. Maybe, just maybe, this time around I'll pass the 3 hour and not have to stab my fingers every day for the next few months.

And since we're already talking about sugar...we stopped off at the Russell Stover store this past Sunday after services for a bathroom break for the children and while there, CKB picked up two new tins - they're very seasonal and pretty and naturally full of chocolate - good thing being GD (gestational diabetic) doesn't mean you can't have ANY sugar, just that you have to balance everything you eat.

I'll post a picture of them sometime when I have the time.

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Pam said...

I'm sorry you failed the 3 hour. :-( But encouraged by your good attitude and thankful that you "only" have 2 months to go!