Monday, November 3, 2008

Someone from Guam visited the blog!

Now why is that worthy of note? And, where is Guam anyway?

Well, it's worth of note because that's where I was born! Dad was in the Coast Guard at the time. If it didn't require a long flight or boat ride, I'd definitely be trying to figure a way to see this place where I was born, but alas, it's not like driving to another state. Oh well. Somehow I doubt I'll ever see Guam.

Where is Guam, you ask?

Well, first off, shame on you for not knowing!
Secondly, look here to find out.

And, if you're the visitor from Guam reading this, say hello next time, won'tcha? :)

Ah yes, and how did I know someone from Guam visited when they didn't leave a comment...Feedjit - pretty neat little gizmo (look toward bottom right of blog to see where folks are visiting from any time you're on the blog, it's interesting!)

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Hello. And Bye.