Monday, November 17, 2008

Sugar Definitely High

Well, I got the official call and I am GD (gestational diabetic) this time around. I guess the 3 hour test wasn't in vain after all even if it was in MY vein 4 times that morning! The SAME vein OVER AND OVER - owww - the 3rd time really stung, but the 4th wasn't as bad as the 3rd. I asked the lady how long she had to go to school for her job - she said she didn't - uh....apparently she'd been jabbing people for 10 years and it must've been on the job training back when she started. In-ter-es-ting. 8-O

Anyway :)

Now, I wait....for the next call from the scheduler person who will tell me when I go to take a nutrition class and get my blood sugar monitor and so forth. I took a class 8/9 years ago when I was expecting Miss E - I guess they figured I might need a refresher course :)

Happy Holidays.....Happy Holidays...when I can't eat all the pecan pie I want....ah well...maybe I'll make one in February and eat the whole thing...or not....


Lok said...

blug. Well, I guess it's some consolation that you're somewhat used to this, and you know what to do to finish gestating a beautiful beh-beh. :-)

Lepidoptera said...

Be glad you were not one of her guinea pigs when she first started 10 years ago. It could have been much worse! As for the GD, this too shall pass. Just don't try the pb on the waffles that was recommended to me once-upon-a-time because one of my glucola readings was high. Barf - pb is NOT a good substitute for syrup on any day of the year. :-P