Thursday, November 20, 2008

Diabetes Self-Management Training

Oh, the joy of having to go sit through another diabetes self-management training class.

I have been penciled in for next Tuesday. For a 2 hour session. Lovely.

Yesterday, I hunted through quite a few boxes of papers looking for my old paperwork to no avail. I *knew* I'd seen it somewhere since we moved, but couldn't remember what box I'd seen it in. Sigh. I told CKB I'd never find it while I was actually *looking* for it. I wanted to go ahead and get started with checking my blood sugar and making sure I was keeping things balanced even if I couldn't get in for the class before Thanksgiving. (The scheduler had called a couple of times and had no openings at all this week or next and then had one open up yesterday afternoon - the one day of the week I'd told her I could *not* come b/c of Miss E's piano lesson - figures - so when I didn't hear anything else back yesterday afternoon I figured there still weren't any cancellations and I wasn't going to hold my breath that I'd be going before December at this rate.)

So...this morning I happened to notice a box near our dining room table (yes, we live w/boxes still just sitting about...will we ever get them all unpacked? Probably not.) and the top said "CAB's computer/papers/ink/etc." and I thought, maybe, just maybe, this had papers that I kept by my computer at the old house...maybe. I opened the box and just started to rifle through them when I felt I should stop and pray that God would show me the right box and where to find these papers I needed. I resumed my search and the papers were right there! Thank you Lord! Now, I can get on with things and not just rely completely on memories of what I did about 3 years ago. Now, to obtain the dreaded monitor. Apparently this isn't going to be as simple as in times past when the dr. ordered it and I picked it up. Maybe by the end of today I'll find out when/where I'm to get the monitor this time. I may just get one at Walgreens since they have one that's free after mail-in rebate. We'll see....

Update - I have my monitor, lancets (little jabbing devices), and test strips - whoo hoo - and managed to get it all home and read all the information to calibrate the new monitor in time to get my first reading at 1 hour after lunch. According to my paperwork from last time I was GD, my reading should be <140 1 hr. after lunch and <120 2 hrs. after. My reading at 1 hr. after was......102! Yay! Looks like I'm on the right track. Good to know!

Update 2 - After dinner reading was great and so was my fasting reading this morning (Friday). So tempted to cancel that class, especially since I don't have a babysitter so far....eek!


Lepidoptera said...

Sorry that you're going to have to prick yourself on a regular basis. When my doctor charitably gave me a monitor after one high reading (not technically GD, but according to "the purists" - oh, yes, you are), I charitably donated it to charity never having used it once. You know how I feel about needles. Only when it's an absolute necessity and no other time than that.

Pam said...

I'm so thankful that God directed your eyes to the right box and you were able to get started checking your levels right away. He is good!

The Tile Lady said...

I am so glad you found your paperwork, and also that your first reading was so good! It must be so annoying to have to deal with the gestational diabetes in your pregnancy. I'm sorry I'm behind in hearing about all this. Just hope and pray all is continuing to go well.