Monday, April 19, 2010

Busier week than usual...and packing must begin sometime

This will prove to be a little bit of a busier week than usual for us. We have dr. appointments, company coming for dinner, and a fun outing toward the end of the week, not to mention piano lessons and all the regular things we must do each day around here. On top of all of that, somewhere along the way some packing needs to be happening so it all doesn't have to be done at the last minute! Oh yes, and spreading some "weed 'n feed" onto the yard to try and combat all the new weeds that have sprouted in the yard since we are "supposed to leave the yard better than it was when we moved in" - uh huh - it was a disaster when we moved in and the weeds currently growing are an improvement over what it looked like, but somehow I don't think that'll matter to the rental company, they'll just be looking for a "nice yard" - so....we spread stuff on the yard and hope for some improvement over the course of the next month!

Today's goal - pack up all of the school stuff that we don't need for the remainder of the school "year" and tidy up for company tomorrow! Also, put out weed killer/turf builder. Fun fun!

What's on your plate for today?

UPDATE - lawn has been treated - yeehaw- something accomplished!


Lok said...

Love the new picture! Good lookin' bunch of beauties you have there!

Plate today? School after a really long yesterday. (translation: zero attention span, thus I'm letting her have a "snack break" to work out some wiggles). Ballet this afternoon, parent observation class. Practice on the bikes for a bike-a-thon we're supposed to have in a couple of weeks!

Courtney said...

we just did turf builder and are watering like crazy. of course the weeds love the water too. but what is supposed to happen is the grass will sprout and choke out the weeds/and/or the grass will become strong enough to with stand the weed killer in about a month. so do one or the other. not both...or you may have a disaster on your hands. :) can't wait till Thursday.

Lepidoptera said...

School, unpacking, and lots of laundry.

I like the new picture too!

Katie said...

Love the header picture!!

Matt said...

Work, OB appointment with my honey, chiropractic appointment, allergy shot and then maybe just maybe a haircut :-)