Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vacuuming - what a delight!

Today we have someone coming out from the rental company to peruse the property and put the lockbox on the front door. Thus begins the unpleasant time. Any day of the week, just about any time of day, someone could be coming to see the house. We will get a "courtesy call" with as much notice as possible - maybe a couple of hours, maybe not even that much, before said people show up.

Then, I have to decide, to leave or not to leave. I detest having people in the house w/o us here. As Miss A said this morning - what if they steal something? Well, that's the risk we take. I soooo look forward to owning our own home again. Of course, whenever we would sell that home, we'd have to go through this again, just for selling, but still.

Being here is a pain because I feel self-conscious about the state of the house - all the "stuff" - etc.
Leaving, I worry about what's going on here while we're away.

When we were looking for a house and going to see one, one of the children started to go toward the toys in the house we were looking at. We told said child not to touch, that those were not our toys. The realtor showing us the house, contradicted us and said "Oh, it's ok, go ahead and play" -, I don't think so.

So....anyway. I spent part of the morning vacuuming the entire house and cleaning a to clean off the table from breakfast and put up laundry from the den. Miss Baby is napping now and as soon as those 2 things are done, and she wakes up, we are leaving and I'm going to try not to worry about this person coming into the house.

Can we please have our closing date and move already? Please?  :) Soon, I hope.

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