Monday, April 5, 2010

Old friendships renewed

This past Sunday I was thrilled to renew a friendship from before the days when CKB and I were married. I knew these 2 from the church I attended a lot when I first moved to the N. TX area. I was even at their wedding. Imagine my surprise to see them at the church we attended yesterday morning with their 4 beautiful children! 13 years later!

Time flies! I was unmarried when last I saw them and now I am married with my own 5 beautiful little ones. We had a wonderful visit with them and hope to see them again now that they are living not all that far away for TX standards!

It was so good to see y'all yesterday, S and E!  :)  We look forward to seeing you again very soon, Lord willing!


Courtney said...

sounds fun! where did you attend yesterday? We had some Dallas visitors at Dixie yesterday. I think that was a first for us.

W.C.Camp said...

Wow - a WHOLE basketball team! My
daughter attends college in San Antonio. She was hard enough to raise plus college - I know you will have a ton of fun, but OH boy, you sure know how to take on a Texas size helping of responsibility! Take care. W.C.C.