Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Closing Day on the House - everything's an adventure!

Well, I finally broke down and asked a friend w/3 children of her own and one due in July if she'd be so incredibly fabulous and kind as to watch my 5 as well for a few hours while I went to the closing. She very graciously agreed - I owe her BIG!

I headed off to the closing and got there right on time - an hour drive - CKB had just pulled in the parking lot before I did, perfect timing :)

We headed into the building where our realtor was waiting for us. She is a very sweet lady who has persevered with us for a couple of years while we looked and looked off and on, changed our minds a few times about what we wanted to look at, revised our real estate searches, etc. etc. etc. and finally it was coming to fruition - all her hard work would finally pay off, literally, and she even brought us a gift for our new home - what a sweet gesture!

Closing, or as I like to think of it as "How to Ruin Your Lovely Signature in Just Under an Hour" - took....just under an hour.  :)

Since I'd allowed for it to take 2 hours with my very kind friend, plus an hour's drive time there and an hour back, I felt comfortable grabbing a quick bite to eat w/CKB to celebrate and it was lunchtime after all. We went to a restaurant just down the street that was touted as being "very nice" by our closing person...not sure what her title was, but she was not the person we'd been working with to get the paperwork done all along.

She was right, it was a very nice place and we enjoyed a fantastic lunch. We don't often eat a quiet meal, just the two of us and since we planned to celebrate w/the children later in the day, we didn't feel tooooo guilty :)

We finished lunch in just under an hour as well and CKB headed back to work as I headed back to the house, intending to swing by and get the keys to the house on the way. Well, the best laid plans, right? I got a flat tire as I was driving along....oh joy....I pulled off on the side of the very busy road I was traveling down and got out the air compressor/pump/whatever it is and commenced airing up the tire intending to go down to the next turn and get some Fix a Flat so I could get home. 5 - 10 - 15 mn. later and the tire was not inflating. Fabulous. I called and talked to CKB about it and then called roadside assistance - estimate 30 mn. 'til someone would be there. Fun. Called my friend at the house and told her what was going on - turns out she needed to be somewhere at 3:45.....yikes....told her I hoped to be back on the road soon and how incredibly sorry I was for the delay. Tow truck guy showed up in about 10 mn. and changed the tire quickly, aired up the spare, and I was on my way.

Now lest you think I just call roadside assistance any old time, I will take this opportunity to inform you that my Dad taught me how to change a tire way back when and I would've done it myself if it wasn't for a couple of factors...1. I couldn't get the lugnuts off - they were too tight...ahem...and 2. People were flying down this highway/road at over 60 miles an hour right alongside the shoulder where I was parked and I didn't relish the thought of becoming a human pancake.

'nuf said

So....back on the road, racing home at a riveting 50 mph because I don't want the donut to explode and finally get home, in the nick of time for said friend and her 3 child crew to head out and get to where they needed to be just in time.


CKB got the keys on his way home, we met him at the new house and the rest will be in another post.  :)

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ReBecca said...

What an adventure! Congrats on the house! More adventures to come!