Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flip flops or sandals?

Such a dilemna - I see so many cute pairs of flip flops (I even finally let the girls get a pair - of course everywhere we go they are constantly stopping because the flip flops are flying off their feet - I knew that would happen....), but I just can't bring myself to get any. I have tried them before, and my big toe and its neighbor have had to stand up for the skin between and "Just say no!" - they hurt!

I honestly don't know how folks can wear them....but I see them EV-ERY-WHERE - so I guess other folks just have tougher feet or enjoy foot pain...or something!

Anyway, it came up again yesterday when I went sandal shopping and I just thought y'all would want to know ;)


Anne said...

I LOVE flip-flops! In fact, that's the only thing I like about summer is being able to simply walk into a pair of shoes anytime I need to go somewhere. I recently bought Miss K her first pair, too (at least her first pair with out a strap across the back of the heel). She has done great at keeping them on her feet. Of course, she loves to wear her purple clogs, too, and I have to remind her that we can't wear clogs to church!

CAB said...

:) I just don't think I'll get past that thing jabbing me between the toes - oww.

The sandals I wear are probably called slides? I'll have to post a pic - I really like them because, like you mentioned w/the flip flops, I just slip my foot in and go - no big ta-do like tennis shoes or boots or whatever when I have to get...gasp...socks. :)

We haven't tried the crocs - I can only imagine what CKB would think of the girls w/those - he rasied his eyebrows a touch at the flip flops because he knows how much I dislike wearing them! :)