Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

If you're a fan of this show, well, this probably isn't the blog post for you so just go on and leave right now before you get your dander up or whatever that expression is....

The other night, we were getting the children ready for bed and before heading out of the den, Miss Baby flipped the tv on - since we were planning to watch something when we came back, we just left it on. After getting Miss Baby in bed, I came back in the den only to find "Dancing with the Stars" was coming to an end. I do not watch this show, nor have the slightest interest in it and quite frankly couldn't even tell who the "stars" were when they panned over the "contestants" that night.

I will say this about the show is a shame that one woman in particular, I have no idea what her name is/was, felt it necessary to display practically her entire body to the world on national tv in the most ridiculous get up that could even deign to be described as a "dress" that I think I've ever seen. And it didn't appear that this past week was the only outfit she'd worn of the type as apparently she and her partner were leaving the show and they showed short clips from shows past and just about every other outfit was extremely revealing as well.

What has happened to modesty? Do people even think when they look in the mirror any more about how they appear? What their clothing says to those who see them?

Anyway, lesson learned - don't just leave the tv on - you never know what might come on, even a primetime network channel which used to be a lot safer of a thing to watch. I'm very glad the children were in their rooms and didn't wander in and see the "half naked" woman on tv. I can only imagine the questions and comments that would've ensued from seeing such a display.

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