Monday, May 19, 2008

We're going to the zoo today....

Anyone ever heard that song? Not the one that goes something like "we're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo" (I've never heard that one, but ran across it a LOT in my searching for the song I remember), but the one I'm trying to find goes something like this:

We're going to the zoo today
We're going to the zoo
la la la la la la la la (there are supposed to be words here)
explore the zoo with you.

I want to see the lion
And hear his great big roar
We're going to the zoo todayyyyyyyyyyy!
We're going to the zoo.

Ok, so the clock is ticking - this is a challenge - will you help me?

Oh yes, and today we're heading off to the zoo to redeem our reissued tickets from the Homeschool Day fiasco when it rained, snowed and sleeted back in March! We have to use them by Friday, and after a quick call to the zoo this past Friday to ask what day is the "lightest", we decided Monday would be best. Incidentally, this past Friday they were expecting 108 school buses and over 6,000 visitors - yikes!!! Not my idea of a relaxing day at the zoo!

So, Monday is "supposed" to be their lightest day of the week - therefore, we are going to go today. Hoping for the best! We leave momentarily!

Now, start your searching, googling, whatever and see if you can help me out w/that song please!

One tip - I found someone's blog where they quoted the first line or so and said they remembered it from when they were little and that it was on a Gymboree video - I don't know if that's true or not - I remember it from hearing it every Friday night when I was about 13 and babysitting the same children each week - apparently it is burned into my memory, in parts, forever!

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