Friday, May 30, 2008

Feelin' crafty?

I've had the "craft bug" the past week or so - just wanting to make something and have found much inspiration on the multitude of blogs out there.

A few that I've visited a lot lately are:

Crafty Daisies


Laughing Daisies especially this cute post with a stamped onesie - now to figure out how to do this properly and keep a stock on hand for friends' baby showers!

along with

The Apronista

If you're feeling crafty, stop by and visit these gals - they have a lot of cute ideas!

I worked on my skirt for awhile today (yes, this one that I started off on the wrong foot with), but this fabric is not like what I usually work with for the girls' dresses (cotton blend) - the fabric I'm using is a slippery polyester blend of some sort and is a royal pain - the next time I shop for a skirt I might not be so upset at the price tag because whoever has to work w/this stuff on a regular basis deserves what they're getting paid (and more!).

Ok, gotta run - have a great weekend everyone!

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