Friday, June 13, 2008

3, then 2, then 3, then 2, then 3 again.....and holding

What on earth does that mean, you ask?

Well, it all began a few months ago. We decided to get some fish for the children. Why? We're insane, naturally. Actually, I suppose this goes back farther than that....about 2 years farther...we went to the pet store to get a fish, maybe 2, and came home w/2 mice instead - ack - that didn't last terribly long - one of them bit CKB during a cage cleaning and shortly thereafter we found some folks who were looking to add more mice to their mouse family and we gladly handed ours over.

Now, where was I...oh yes, present day insanity. So, we went to the pet store, procured a 1 gallon tank and brought home 3 small goldfish. A few days after that, 1 died...then there were 2. We didn't realize at that point that the size of the tank was the problem (hey, we're not fish experts! and weren't warned at the store), so we took Mr. E to the pet store to get a replacement. Then there were 3 again. A few days later, another one died, then there were 2 again. Still not sure what the real problem was, we took Miss E to the store to get a replacement. It was about this time we were starting to think about a larger tank b/c the 3 fish looked cramped in that small aquarium. The fish looked a lot smaller at the store. So, then there were 3 again.

In the coming days, we took the plunge and purchased a 10 gallon tank and all the accoutrements, transferred over the 3 fish and so far we are 3. It's been a few months and they're all growing and doing well. Whew!

The 1 gallon tank has been commandeered by the brine shrimp/sea monkeys as a larger home for them - they seem happy in there.

Here are our 3 new pets:

Orangie (Mr. E's) on the left, Shiny Silver (Miss A's) (in the middle hiding - the only one remaining from the original 3), and Sunspot (Miss E's) (on the right, the smallest as it was the newest addition)

They like to hang out under the bridge at night :)

(here we have from left to right, Orangie, Shiny Silver and Sunspot - incidentally Sunspot got its name b/c it had some black spots on it when we got it - they have since disappeared - strange!)

and here in the background is Shiny Silver, foreground is Sunspot and on the right is Orangie - who had black around its mouth at first, but that has faded away as well!


Sea Monkey Geek said...

Congratulations on the fish family. I have some friendly unsolicited advice for you.

As you probably know, your three fish are a type of goldfish commonly called comets. What you may not know is that they grow very fast (the myth of growing to their tank size is just that, a myth) and they produce more noxious waste than most other fish (tropicals) so they require more frequent partial water changes. Many assume goldfish are easier to keep since they don't require a heater, but a good filter, a little bit of salt (ask for aquarium salt where you bought your fish) and frequent water changes are a must. A bit of crushed oyster shell added to the tank is also good to as it will help keep your PH up.

I also recommend you buy a high quality food. They eat little enough that it's not a big deal to buy the pricey stuff and it results in cleaner water and healthier fish. My favorite brand is Hikari.

Usually when people buy goldfish thinking they're getting a good starter fish, they really would have been better of with guppies, which really are tremendously easy to keep.

You did the right thing getting the larger tank. Best of luck.

Lok said...

pretty fish! :-)

Lori said...

3, then 2, then 3 etc. least I knew you weren't referring to children, LOL!

I have been fighting tooth-and-nail against a pet joining our family. I feel like we have enough going on with homeschooling and four children, plus there's the out-of-town trip factor.

We did make a trip to Complete PetMart recently, but (to my delight) came out empty-handed.

I do see the h/s'g value of pets, though, and your goldfish are pretty. :)


CAB said...

Lori -

The cool thing about fish is you can buy 3 day and even 10 day feeding tablets that you drop into the tank while you're on a trip :) Sorry if that hurts your case! ;)