Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's all Russell's fault!

Russell Stover, that is! Once a month we drive 3 hours to church and on our way home, inevitably the potty chorus begins when we get to the outskirts of Corsicana - home of the Russell Stover Outlet.

From the backseat(s) of the van: (you know the song - "Maaaa-ma....I need to go pahhhh-ty")

Oh, man, stop here? It's such a burden....sigh, but we do it and as a result we seem to have a lot more chocolate around the house than any person in their right mind should have!

Well, recently we've discovered their vintage replica tins - and now I have a new thing to collect (just what I need - more stuff! Thanks Russell!).

Here's a pic of the most recent additions to the collection - aren't they sweet? My favorite is in the forefront with the pink flowers - and those little ones are just darling! (Now to just figure out what to use them all for! One of the small ones did a great job of transporting jewelry on a recent trip and one of the larger holds my crochet hooks perfectly....now for the others....I'm envisioning a pen/pencil box use for the red/gold Whitman's tin....thoughts on other uses for them?

So, if you happen to pass through Corsicana, take a break and visit the store - you might just run into us sometime!

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