Sunday, June 15, 2008

At the dinner table..... never know what you might hear....

Tonight CKB was asking the children some questions about sin.

CKB - Can you tell me an example of a sin?
Miss E - Taking something that doesn't belong to you?
CKB - And what is another way of saying that?
Miss E - Stealing?
CKB - Yes.

CKB - Mr. E, can you tell me another sin?
Mr. E - taking someone's goldfish?
CKB - (smiling) What is it called when someone tells you something that isn't true?
Mr. E - mmmmmmm
CKB - (offering a bit of help) Liiiiiiii...? (sounded like Lie, of course)
Mr. E - Lyology?

CKB and I hide our smiles for a moment before responding.

CKB - well, some people do seem to study Lyology, but it's called Lying
Mr. E - oh

Miss E - I think he's thinking about how we've been studying Biology (smirks)


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Lok said...

lol.... okay. That's too cute!