Monday, June 23, 2008

Store bought produce or Down Home Goodness?

Well, in my book there's no comparison!

I bought some peaches at Wal-mart about a week ago and they still weren't ripe (sitting out on the counter since I bought them) a few days ago, so I put them into a paper bag to help them along. A few days later one of them felt ripe and with great anticipation I took a bite. Sigh. It was tart... soft and "ripe", but tart. I took a few more bites, not wanting to waste it, but it wasn't very good.

This past Saturday we took a quick drive to a roadside produce stand we've spotted before and brought home some peaches and tomatoes - in paper bags - the next day some of the peaches were ready. I tried one last night and it was FANTASTIC - sooooo much better than the ones from the store. Peaches are my favorite and it's hard to justify getting any more from the store....maybe ever :) We also happened upon a sign pointing the way to a Farmer's Market and plan to visit it next weekend for more peaches, at the very least :)

If you have a Farmer's Market or fruit stand nearby, I highly recommend taking the time to stop and pick up a few things - your taste buds will thank you!

One of my favorite memories is of a Saturday morning when I was visiting home before CKB and I were married and Dad had gone to the Farmer's Market and came home with peaches. These were no ordinary peaches. They were perfection - you had to stand over the sink to eat them because the juices just came pouring out with every bite - ah, the quintessential peach - one day I will find some like those day...until then, I'll enjoy these yummy Texas peaches, direct from the farm!

Oh, and those tomatoes - they're on the menu for the weekend and I expect them to be fabulous too!

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Amanda Deardorff said...

we absolutely LOVE our farmer's market. They even have local honey which is so, so yummy. It just tastes like Texas!