Sunday, June 29, 2008

....and continues

Well, after our fun day at the stockyards, we wanted something low key and air conditioned for the following day.

CKB had read a review of the new movie Wall-e and we decided to give it a go. We made it there just in the nick of time (opening day, mind you - eek) and sat way down CLOSE to the screen. I have no interest in ever sitting that close again, but it was impossible to find 6 seats together any farther up, so we went with it.

After a few previews, the movie began and Mr. A sat pretty still for awhile - then decided it would be more fun to walk back and forth between CKB and I (we were sitting on either end of the children). I got him to sit still for a little while longer after giving him a juice box :) Hooray!
Toward the end of the movie, one of the children HAD to go to the bathroom - and therefore, we (the two of us) missed the end of the movie. Ah well. We were told what happened and I'm sure we'll rent it when it comes out on DVD so we can see the ending for ourselves.

The movie was pretty good and everyone seemed to enjoy it to some degree. It certainly had some interesting messages.

The following day (Saturday) we decided to take a Paris! Yes, we've been there before, but we desired to go back. Paris, TX, that is :) Mt. Paran Primitive Baptist church was holding a 5th Sunday meeting and so we headed over to attend morning and afternoon services. We had a good day there and are glad to have been able to attend. Some of the ministers who were called on to preach were Elder Vernon Johnson, Elder Chris Blevins, Elder Thomas MacDonald, Elder Joe Phillips and Bro. Mike Welch.

One thing mentioned that seemed to jump out at me was the reminder by one of the brethren of the need for us to pray for labourers to be sent to the vineyard. Something I hadn't thought about of late - and shame on me - Lord willing, I will not forget again.


  1. [37] Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;
  2. [38] Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.

Dinner at one of our favorite spots, Johnny Carino's followed on our way home that evening and then it was home to rest a bit.

That just about wraps up our "vacation" doings thus's Sunday night and we're all pretty tired from the day (we were in Madisonville today).


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Lok said...

What wonderful vacation activities so far..... yay y'all!