Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vacation continues....

Day 2 of vacation at home was just that...we stayed home most of the day. CKB played video games w/the children and I got a few rounds of laundry taken care of...sadly a maid doesn't come w/vacation at home!

We had a fun, quiet day!

Day 3 we headed over to the Fort Worth Stockyards for the first time. After a quick stop in the visitor center (and, of course, a quick picture!)....we headed back outside to wait for the morning cattle drive.

We arrived in time for the cattle run (walk) and then spent some time walking through the shops.

After a stroll through to see what shops there were to explore in later, we headed over to the Cowtown Cattlepen Maze - a maze where you go through looking for each letter (M - a - z - e) and when you find each one there's a punch to punch your "passport" with that letter's punch. CKB took the girls and I took the boys.

22 minutes later (drumroll please.............................................................................) The boys and I made it out!

FIVE minutes later, CKB and the girls finished up :)

The children all led the way and did great - I believe this was their favorite part of the day!

Mr. E locked up Mr. A in the jail, but let him out shortly thereafter...

It was H - O - T after running the maze so we headed across the street to a BBQ place called Riscky's (I'm pretty sure that's how it was spelled...) and cooled off while we had a wonderful lunch. I haven't had barbeque that good in a long time - and don't get me started on how fabulous the fried okra was - YUMMMMMMMMMMM!

Everyone cooled down and the shopping began. The shopping area is covered, which is wonderful, because it was hot out there. Being under the covered area (and the breeze!) kept us from getting too overheated.

We made a new friend....have you met her? Her name is Calamity Jane!

After a little while looking around, we headed over to a couple of the museums and saw some interesting items from days gone by.

Then it was time for the piez de resistance - we took the Trinity River Run! What's that, you ask? It's a 1 hour run via the Grapevine Vintage Railroad that departs the Stockyards and takes you on a 1 hour ride. Mr. E was thrilled, as were the girls. Mr. A seemed to enjoy it as well.

When we returned, we stopped for some Blue Bell and enjoyed a visit from one of the locals ;)

After everyone finished their ice cream, we visited the Cowboy Hall of Fame and then headed on back toward home after a quick stop at Sonic for some COLD slushes to cool everyone down on the ride home.

All in all, a fabulous day which we all enjoyed and hope to repeat sometime in the future!

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Willie Latane Barton said...

What a fabulous day!! I want to come do some of those things, especially the MAZE and I am so proud of you and the boys for finishing first.

In all it sounded like you had a wonderful time and that is what vacation is all about, at home or far away.