Monday, November 5, 2007

Good weekend

Good Monday morning! If it is a good morning, which I doubt! (can you tell we read some Winnie the Pooh last night starring Eeyore the sad donkey?)

Anyway! We had a good weekend over in Ft. Worth on Saturday at the annual meeting at Old School Primitive Baptist church. Eld. Mike Montgomery is the pastor there. We were able to be there for Sat. morning and afternoon services. Preaching Sat. morning by Eld. David Montgomery (San Antonio) and Eld. Bill Walden (Stratton). Saturday afternoon, preaching by Eld. Tommy Sarber (Indiana) and Eld. Mark Rowell (Houston). Some wonderful messages, reminders, admonitions were to be heard. Also, some fussing from Mr. Baby during the second sermon in the afternoon. ;)

(you can click on the picture to see it larger)

Ministers in attendance: Eld. Keith Ellis, Eld. George Walker, Eld. Mike Webb, Eld. Ed Kirkpatrick, Eld. Mike Montgomery (pastor), Eld. Chris Blevins, Eld. G.H. Crain, Eld. Bill Walden, Eld. James Henthorn, Eld. Tom Hart, Eld. Ward Rowell, Eld. Clifford Gowens, Eld. Mark Rowell, Eld. David Montgomery, Eld. Travis Brown, Eld. Tommy Sarber, Eld. Larry Webb and Eld. Greg Dorough.
(picture by bro. Ronnie Mallow)

After services we drove home and rested awhile before getting up the next morning (Sunday) to drive down to south Dallas and attend services at Bethlehem PBC (pastor is Eld. Dan Newman, incidentally he is the preacher who married CKB and I) :) CKB was called on to preach after introduction by Eld. Newman. CKB preached on oaths and the importance of keeping our word in promises. Also, that we shouldn't think of practice vs. doctrine, but that practice is an extension of doctrine. They aren't two separate things at all. Would that I could more eloquently explain that. I wasn't able to record services yesterday, but this has been on his mind for a few weeks, so I might have a recording from a different Sunday on a similar strand if anyone is interested.

We stopped off at Cracker Barrel on the way home for lunch - 20 mn. wait - ugh - 4 children 6 and under waiting in a crowded store full of gizmos and gadgets - double ugh - requested non-smoking and were put right next to the smoking section which was simply separated by a "wall" of lattice work - um, yeah, that's going to help. Anyway, I'll stop there as the games continued and we were just glad to get out of there. Lesson: Don't go to CB when it's crowded and busy - this is the 2nd time we've made that mistake and had a horrible experience - hopefully we won't make the same mistake in the future and will instead just go to Sonic, grab food and go eat in peace in our somewhat quieter (ha ha), devoid of smoke, van :)

Ok! Enough negativity.

Now, on to happier things - I just have to say, I am SUPER excited about our upcoming Thanksgiving trip! We are going to have a combined trip which will include a church meeting in MS, visit w/a friend in MS on our way to TN, visit w/family in TN and a cabin mini-vacation in AR on the way home - I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I plan to clear my memory cards and have TONS of pics to share when we get home - we leave a week from Thursday!

Ack! I have a lot to get done! I better run for now!

Grace and peace,

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