Monday, November 12, 2007

Hotels are for smaller families only apparently

This has happened OVER and OVER since we had our 4th child. I go to look for a hotel online and enter in 4 children and 2 adults and get a list of hotels - I glance at them hopefully looking for a decent place to stay on a trip only to be met w/the following notice on each of them "guests entered are more than room allows" or some such.... "Max occupancy for room is 2, 3, 4, every once in a while 5).

If you need a room for 6 - you might as well forget about it unless you're in a BIG city or want to pay an arm and a leg.

If I had the $$, I would start my own hotel chain - it would cater to families first of all and make sure to accommodate larger families IN THE SAME ROOM.

Ok, that said, I'm going to get something on the table for dinner since I spent WAY too long trying to find a hotel we could all stay in on our trip - finally found one that would work, only to go back to the site and it wasn't on the list of available rooms any more. My laptop battery died. I screamed a silent scream, took some deep breaths, prayed, got the power cord, powered back up and started all over again.

Thank God, it was on the list again when I finally got back to the site w/the note "1 room left" - ACK - hurried through the booking process, pushed the enter button and held my breath waiting for confirmation that it went through and someone didn't type faster than me and get the room - YES - got it. Whew. At least we only have to stay in a hotel for 1 night on our trip. The other nights will be w/family and friends and then a cabin in the woods.

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