Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Making things easier...I hope!

Ok, after some thought, I've decided to make the blog public, so you don't have to enter a login and such in the future.

Now, the BLOGARITHM thing over there on the top right should work if you have already signed up for it. If you haven't, please do and it'll save you coming to check the blog when I haven't had time for an update. It's a simple process :) I highly recommend it!

Hmm, other changes, no more using the children's names - if you comment on the blog PLEASE don't use their names - they will heretofore be referred to as:

Miss E
Miss A
Mr. E
Mr. Baby

My sweet husband will be CKB and I will probably just be me, I or CAB.

Hope that doesn't get too confusing for anyone - figured it might be easier than:

Sleeping Beauty
Thomas (the Tank Engine)
Curious George

That was another option ;) Might switch to it at some point - who knows!

Ok, that's it for now - I have tons to do and haven't done any of it!

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