Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ahhhh, Spring in Texas!

So...what did the forecast say for the first day of Spring here in North TX?

What else, SNOW!

Ha, we thought, we'll believe it when we see it....then later in the afternoon we saw it....TEEEEENY TINY or two of them....uh huh, BIG snow.

A bit later we noticed a THIN dusting on the picnic table and thought that that was pretty amazing and that was probably going to be it - the flakes were still VERY VERY VERY TINY.

Children go to bed, CKB and I decide it's about time to go to bed...CKB goes to look out the back window and exclaims something to the effect of "OH MY GOODNESS!" - I naturally hop up off the couch and go to look....THE YARD IS COVERED IN SNOW! Not just a light dusting, THE GRASS IS GONE IN MOST SPOTS! There are a couple of inches worth of snow on the picnic table - NO WAY!

We woke up the children so they could come see the snow - yes, we did - and they were all amazed, then asleep again in their beds in see, Northerners, we don't get a lot of snow down in these here parts and it's a BIG deal for us - also, Northern folks, sometimes it's GONE the following day...and well, we didn't want to take any chances on the children not getting to see it.

Now, before you think we've completely lost our minds, we did NOT, I repeat, did NOT, get Miss Baby up to see the snow - what'd you think, we're crazy? Ha ha!'s what we found this morning....

We measured almost 15 inches on the table this morning (YES, that's the yardstick, the 12 inch ruler is still submerged in snow on the table...we expect to reclaim it later today or tomorrow when it's supposed to be 64 degrees for the high!) - granted, I don't believe this is the most scientific method of snowfall measurement, but compared to the last snow we got - it was pretty amazing to see all of that snow piled up on the table this morning!

Miss A chose this as the first thing to do when she went out....I'm thinking I'd have waited until I was about ready to go in unless I was worried there wouldn't be any good spots left to do this in, that is...hmm....sure looks cold though, doesn't it?


The crew: (still working on proper exposure on photographs - not much success w/getting anyone to stay still very long for me today though - can't imagine why....)

 Miss E


Miss A
Mr. E

Mr. A


Courtney said...

Crazy Texas Weather!

W. Latane Barton said...

You have to be kidding.... amazing weather but I am glad the children got to enjoy it. Where I am it was in the 70s. Your day will come and the sun will shine and the air will be warm... you know, like Texas WARM. Then the snow will be forgotten and maybe wished for.