Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Watching them grow

Miss E has been learning about what makes a good paragraph in her Grammar studies and had to write her own "off the cuff" paragraph (not rearranging someone else's sentences to make a paragraph) and I thought it was very good for her first attempt!

She was to make sure to use good descriptive adjectives and adverbs in her writing and write about a place.

Here's what she came up with:

The Smoky Mountains are a great place to visit. The Smokies stretch from North-east Tennessee to North Carolina. There are a lot of stores nearby, but my opinion is that the mountains attract most visitors. The Apple Barn is the best restaurant up there! It is also where something special happened - where I discovered my first loose tooth! In the Smokies, they have a lot of cabins built along the road. At one of the stores they have blueberry jelly that is soooooo good! If you're ever going there, take some biscuits along! The Smoky Mountains are a gold mine if you enjoy adventure. I wish we could take another trip up there soon.

- Miss E

Hmmm :)


Courtney said...

Very nice. Do you know someone who lives there? Mountains over beaches are more my thing. It sounds like a fun trip.

CAB said...

Well, my sister and her family used to live in Harriman which is not too far away. We've gone over to the Smokies and stayed in Pigeon Forge twice now and would like to go again....maybe later in the year after the move and things settle down. It's beautiful! We've been in winter and I'd really like to go and see the Fall color out that way. I am also a mountain person over a beach person, no contest!

W. Latane Barton said...

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Lepidoptera said...

Miss E did a great job on her paragraph. I really like it. Please tell her so for me. We go to the Smokies every chance we get and have been there in all four seasons. There is never a bad time to go there.