Friday, March 26, 2010

We need the prayers of those we love...

Please keep CKB's family in your prayers. His father is in the hospital. He had surgery Wednesday and was kept in ICU 2 nights...I don't know yet if he's been able to return to a regular room. Tomorrow will make a week that he's been in the hospital. This is not an easy thing for him to endure, but I know w/the grace of God, he will.

May God bless you and yours.

I will post a picture of him later today when I fire up my laptop and search to find one....I have a few here and there of him, but not as many as I'd like!

Here's one of "Granddaddy" with Miss A when she was a little tot :)

I spoke w/CKB's Mom earlier today and his Dad is in a room again - "good vitals - was sitting up in a chair" - all good to hear!

Also - found out CKB's eldest brother, A, is in the hospital as well - please keep him in your prayers as well - they're in the same hospital, different floors!


Anne said...

We are definantly keeping him in our prayers. I know it is difficult to not be with him as much as you would like. My the good Lord give you grace and strength to get through this difficult time. Love y'all!

Anne said...
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ReBecca said...