Monday, March 22, 2010

In other news....hobbies and such

Ok, so it occurred to me that some of you might be tiring of my photography improvement efforts, so here's a totally different topic - sort of - hobbies.

What are yours?

Mine include, but are not limited to, photography (whoops! had to throw that in), reading (is that truly a hobby?), sewing, other things of a crafty nature that occur to me or are inspired by things I see that others have made, scrapbooking...

So....share! I want to know what makes YOU tick, what you find enjoyment in doing, what you do, what you like to do, etc. even if you never seem to take the time to do it/them!

In the interest of sharing at least ONE picture here, you will see something that should be transformed into some beautiful new dresses for the older girls very soon!


Courtney said...

For several reasons I have been thinking latley that I would love to be a birth photographer. I could make money and be a photographer. For some reason it's not as scary to me as being a wedding photographer.

CAB said...

Hmm, until I knew I was SUPER good at it, I wouldn't ever want to do either. All the "what-ifs" and potential equipment problems and so thanks - too much stress involved for me - what if you miss that one moment? You can't reclaim it....with a birth photog. it's a little less "out there" so to speak, but still...I personally, and this is just me, don't really want anyone else around at times like that :) and certainly not taking pictures! I do, however, know a birth photog. that lives down in Allen if you want her info. for your upcoming birth - to each her own! :D and I'm sure you can specify what you do and don't want pics of :)

Heather said...

Seeing all that fabric in a row makes me smile. I love making little girl dresses too. Dulcimer playing and scrapbooking with bird watching and a little photography.

Melanie Hodges said...

I have many best is starting a new hobby and going at it real good for a few weeks, then not doing anything with it for a few years! Here are some of my favorite hobbies:

Reading in bed before sleeping [yes, it most def. is a hobby!]
Cooking [hate following recipes though]
Sewing [hate using patterns though]
I enjoy painting ceramic pots and growing things in them to give away as gifts
Among my most favorite is crocheting. I LOVE to crochet and teach myself new tecniques.
Flower and vegetable gardening is also a big family Hobby.

You have gotten me real excited! I think it is time to get my crochet hook!

CAB said...

Ah yes, starting new hobbies - I do that way too often. Someone crocheted a blanket for Miss A when she was a baby and so I decided I needed to crochet one for each of the children - I bought a "Teach Yourself" book complete w/the hooks and so forth and TONS AND TONS of yarn and commenced teaching myself only to learn that I don't think it's really my thing. I did, however, make a HUMONGOUS blanket and send it to my sister during her treatments for thyroid cancer. For that, I will forever like crocheting, but for now and probably the foreseeable future, I'll leave the actual crocheting to someone else!

ReBecca said...

Reading, jewelry making, cross stitching, photography, I’m hoping to add sewing as a hobby – one day.

CAB said...

Speaking of hobbies I just learned how to LOUD whistle! I looked up how to whistle on the utube and there was a English site that walked me through it and I can blast out a extremely loud whistle with my two fingers. Amazingly I have wanted to do this since I was a little kid. Now I am in my second childhood and I can do it! I know too much time on my hands.

- CAB's Dad (he sent this to me in email and I thought it was too funny not to share!)