Thursday, March 25, 2010

Okay - so a few of you have hobbies, the rest of you...not so much? and House Update!

I forgot to mention my newest hobby - haunting the build site - maybe this isn't a hobby, but hey, some of those worker folk are starting to recognize my van (and wave!) when I sloowwwwww down to look and see what they're up to....hmmmm, maybe I should try to be more discreet, but I don't expect camouflaging a big red van is going to be easy...or cheap, so they better just finish the house already, right?

So, for those who didn't jump in and share what makes them tick, here's your 2nd chance - what DO you do when you're not taking care of the children, working, or whatever, hmmmm?

Here's the first post - a few of you replied - thank you - it's always nice to get a more in depth look into the lives of our friends and acquaintances!

Anyway, a product of my newest hobby - house site haunting - is that I get to see the house every step, or brick, of the way....more progress - hooray! - and photograph it (ah, another hobby) - enjoy! It occurred to me just now that I always thought I'd live in a 2 story red brick house when I grew up....weird. Does this mean I'm officially a "grown-up"? Yikes! :)

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Anne said...

It's good that you drive by the house everyday. I have friends who would even walk in and look around while they were having their house built. Once a friend of mine found a hamburger wrapper inside a wall that the builders were to just cover up and leave the wrapper there. Not to worry you - but maybe your driving by is helping to keep them honest.