Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mr. E is 6 years old!

February is a very busy month for us - as I try to catch up here....Mr. E is now 6 years old!

I know I probably say this a lot, but where does the time go????

I very vividly remember the day Mr. E was born  - CKB was working 2 hours away at the time...I called him and told him he needed to drive back...another 2 hours...and by the time I got the girls and my mother in the van and finished packing a bag and driving to the hospital, CKB arrived only 5 mn. later - then, we waited...and waited...all day...and finally Mr. E arrived around 11 p.m. that night.

He has the sweetest heart and gentle nature and is also ALL BOY and fights lightsaber duels and sword fights with the best of them. He is my sweet Mr. E and will remain so no matter how big he gets. Got that?  :)

We had a video game birthday party for him - it was a lot of fun - only one shot of some of the gamers - they were standing so close to the tv that it made it hard to get a good shot of them!

Let the games begin!

And...they're off! (playing Mario Kart)

The cake....


The group...now this is NOT the tea party group we had a few weeks back is it?   :)

And, Miss Baby (and Daddy, aka CKB)  was there too - she really liked the balloons!

We love you so very much, Mr. E - don't grow up too fast!!!


Courtney said...

Hmmm typed a long comment then it disapeared...anyway to recap can't believe he is so big! Looks like a cute party. Love the cake!

Matt said...

excellent! Great looking cake! What were the presents? WE still need to get together and play some Wii Mario Kart online sometime!!!!

Lepidoptera said...

It looks like another fun birthday party, and, no, those boys do not look like the ladylike guests who were at the tea party (all brothers attending excepted of course.)

This one was right up Mr. E's alley!

CAB said...

Thanks y'all - the cake turned out better than I'd expected and was just like the invites, which I forgot to include a picture of!

Anywho - presents included a new DS game, of course! Also, a new Mario shirt and a Star Wars Lego set to name a few!