Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby Quilt - some progress

Well, since I was out of town for a long weekend there wasn't much progress on the baby quilt.

However, I have played around with the fabrics a bit and cut some squares.

At first, I was envisioning straight patchwork, no borders between squares, just 4" squares all in a row.

Then I cut a bunch of 4.5" squares to get ready to start and when I tried lining them up beside each other, I just didn't like the colors together. Sigh.

So...I thought maybe I'd use the brown(s) as "accents" and border the 4" squares w/thin brown strips so I laid out one of the brown fat quarters and laid a few of the 4" pink tone fabrics on top to simulate the effect and I didn't like that too much either.

I know, hard to please, but I want to realllly like this quilt, I mean, it will be some work to put it together and I envision baby girl having it around for a long time!

So...I thought maybe I'd try making some 4 patch blocks and seeing how that would look, so I cut some more squares from the leftover pieces I had and started liking things a little more at this point. Here are a few "idea" blocks I laid out when I was playing around w/the smaller squares. I think MAYBE I'll alternate 4 patch blocks with the larger 4" squares of a single fabric and see how that looks....

Maybe tonight I'll sew up a few of the 4 patches and we'll go from there.

Anyone have any thoughts?


Lepidoptera said...

I like the four patches a lot and will be looking forward to seeing what other combinations you come up with. When in doubt, try all possibilities and go with the ones you like best!

amandajean said...

it I were putting that quilt together I would probably make every other square a cream/parchment color and every other square a print...all the prints that you used here. that way it will let the individual fabrics shine.