Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby Quilt Update

Well, I washed the first group of fabrics and they're ready to go, but I just wasn't ready to start. Not enough inspiration with those, I guess.

So...after my OB appointment this morning, I had a little extra time before I had to be back to take the babysitter home and stopped in a local quilt shop. TONS of fabrics to look at in there - I could still be there, but I had to hurry. I picked up some more fat quarters to work with and I think after these are washed up, I'll be ready to go!

Here's a peek:

(can you see all 8 here?)

(and a couple more - I seem to detect a pink/brown theme.....)

And a few just for fun to keep on hand.

Stay tuned....the washing machine just needed one more thing to wash around here ;)

1 comment:

The Tile Lady said...

LOVE the pinks and browns! Yep, you'll enjoy this process!