Friday, October 31, 2008

Bah, Halloween!

Well, this post probably won't make me very popular, but that's life!

I've pretty much decided I can do without Halloween. It isn't what it used to be when I was a child - fun and games. I have fond memories of our neighbor across the street having a little party on her back porch for all the neighborhood children with cookies and punch, in the days when you could do such things w/o fear of what might be in those homemade treats. Now, it seems it's all about who can outdo who with the creepy stuff. We went into Michael's recently and couldn't go down an aisle it seemed w/o something ghoulish staring us in the face - just what the little ones need to see, eh? The worst was this pair dressed in wedding garments and one was decapitated and holding its head. As you walked by they began to emit horrible sounds and scared the children something awful. Mr. A kept repeating - it's creepy, it's creepy!


Wal-mart and Target weren't much better this year. If they could just keep all that stuff in one part of the store (NOT BY THE TOYS), and you knew which part to avoid, that would be great, but now that wouldn't put the most $$ in the retailer's pocketbook, would it?

Down the street, there's quite a display and while we were out looking at houses recently, we pulled up and the one across the street from the one we were going to see had a decapitated head on a stake in the front yard. Nice.

We considered putting out a sign this year that said "No Scary Costumes" but instead we just decided to avoid the whole mess and CKB and I will be going out tonight for dinner, yes, just the two of us! Our lovely babysitter will be here with the children and the porch light will be OFF. The children can dress up as princesses and knights any day of the year. Who needs Halloween? Not I.


Teacher/Mom said...

That is what I wish we were doing. I hate halloween. It wasn't a big deal in my family, partly because we didn't want to walk a mile to the nearest house. But, it was a big deal in DH's family, so he wants to do the typical hand out candy and take the kids out in costumes. I don't like the three weeks of sugar highs, I don't like buying candy to hand out when we barely have enough money for healthy food for ourselves, and I HATE scary costumes. I won't spend any money and told my girls they had to come up with their own, non-scary costumes. Actually, the girls wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese tonight with our Pastor and his family. That is their tradition and they really liked that idea. But DH said no. Blessings.

W. Latane Barton said...

I made a huge mistake. Just loved your template and decided I'd try to change mine. Lost the entire blog... So, I am having to start over. See if I get 'smart' again.

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W. Latane Barton said...

I sent a post saying I had to start a new blog.... forget it. I did get smart with Marie's help and got my old one back. hurrah.

Matthew said...

check this out:

Kelly @ Wisdom Begun said...

I hate halloween as well and I am so glad it is over.