Friday, October 24, 2008

Mr. E update

Mr. E had dose #1 of his antibiotic in the parking lot after we got his prescription - I didn't want to wait and give it to him at home, before bed!

We gave him some cough medicine before bed, which I try not to do unless he has a cough that's really bothering him. And, I'm thrilled to report he slept through the night and I only heard him coughing once....CKB might've heard him more, I'll have to check with him, but either he didn't cough more or I slept right through it (it's been known to happen!).

So, Day 2 of his medicine just went down the to remember to take it with us tomorrow when we're at the annual meeting at Fellowship!

Ah yes, and Mr. A's nose started running this we go again....

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