Thursday, October 9, 2008

The tooth is out!

Well, Miss A has been telling me how she's had to push her tooth back in place on occasion so I told CKB the time was probably nigh for it to come out.

Tonight during dinner she took a bite of a roll that was on the tougher side of things and exclaimed "OW!" causing us to take a good look at the tooth again. Yes, tooth extraction was to begin immediately following dinner.

Everyone crowded round in the bathroom to watch (Mr. A happily played in the bath, none the wiser that anything was going on over by the sink) as CKB pulled Miss A's first tooth! She made one little sound of surprise and it was out! No tears at all!
(except maybe the ones that welled up in my eyes...hey, I'm pregnant and it's my baby we're talking about here!).

She's one tough cookie!

Congratulations Miss A on losing your first tooth and being such a brave girl in the process!


Amanda Deardorff said...

wow! how exciting! Thank you for the encouragement! Hope to see y'all Sunday!

W. Latane Barton said...

awwww... it's such a big step to lose the first tooth. Tell her I said she was a BIG girl now.

The Tile Lady said...

Yes, a big step....I know she's proud of herself for doing so well!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Miss A for being so brave .It is real exciting to loose your first tooth . We will be looking forward to seeing you & all your family Thursday. Love Grandma & Grandpa