Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Miles to go before I rest

It seems.

We're taking a trip. I might be misremembering, but I don't think we've taken a "pack the suitcase and stay the night" trip since this past January. Wow. That's a long time for us. I won't tell you part of the reason why I figured that just might have something to do w/never having completely unpacked the worries, just brochures and such, but still...sigh.


I have all the children packed pretty much - just need to add diapers and wipes along with making sure the Pack 'n Play is ready to go (not sure if Mr. A is even going to fit into it any more, but it's going).

Now, for my stuff. Ack. The fun that comes with the third trimester of pregnancy - what fits today just may not fit tomorrow. We're going to be at a church meeting so I need 3 dresses (one for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Hopefully I can find 3 that still fit at this point.

I am not a fan of maternity clothes and am always so glad to get back into my regular clothes :) , but that will have to wait a few months more.

I have no idea where all of this stuff is going to go in the car tomorrow, but I'm sure CKB will figure something out...he always does. I remember trips as a child in the big ol' Chevy Station Wagon with my feet resting on the giant orange cooler the whole way from TN to TX each summer. I'm sure the children will survive a similar trip if we need to put them in and then pile everything around them. Hopefully noone will need a potty break too soon and have to be pried out of the car like a bunch of sardines. Hee hee. Right about now I wish I was a cartoonist...but alas, I cannot draw well at all.

I digress...a lot.

It may be quiet here in blogland for the next few not worry, Lord willing we'll be in good company enjoying the preached word of God and good fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ as well as my natural brother and sister and their families who will also be there.

Until later.....


W. Latane Barton said...

God watch over you as you travel.

Matthew said...

come on down to our town! We look forward to seeing ya'll! I pray the Lord blesses you with safe travels!

I havent thought about that orange cooler in a long time! LOL! I bet Mom and Dad still have it!!!!

Lepidoptera said...

Can't wait to see you! It's been entirely too long. We are praying for a safe journey.